Mindful Living with Charity Collier, MS, CDII - Four Weeks beginning April 21, 2020

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It's what happens in between the meditations that matter. Find and stay in your center, transcend survival mode and respond to stressors with awareness instead of adrenaline. This course is designed so that you can easily fit it into your busy schedule. Practicing mindfulness results in better relationships, improved quality of life and a general sense of well being.

Four Week Mindful Living Course with Charity Collier of Meditating Together

Course begins on the 21st of APRIL and FEATURES:

  • Weekly themes with journal prompts - FOUR WEEKS

  • Weekly live streams - ZOOM MEETINGS

  • Downloadable meditations - 3 MP3s

  • A private course members circle - a virtual space where you can share your experience, ask questions and get answers (off of facebook) on https://www.mindfulsoul.center - there will be regular check-ins

Take a well-directed path to learn and practice mindfulness. Beginning with an introduction and moving into different themes for each week. You will be able to download the meditations and have lifetime access to the lectures. Charity(Meditating Together) and Amy (founder of The Mindful Soul Center) will check in regularly to the private course member's circle and will join the course space live each week. You'll be able to interact with other members too if you choose to.

Charity Collier, MS, CDII

Your Teacher: Charity is a meditation expert coach, teacher and drug addiction counselor. She teaches us the nuts and bolts of mindfulness meditation. She holds a Master's degree of Mindfulness Studies from Lesley University in Cambridge, MA as well as a certificate in Substance Abuse Counseling and a BS in Exercise Physiology both from the U Mass, Boston. She offers meditation coaching through her company Meditating Together and this online with support course in cooperation with the Mindful Soul Center.

Listen to the podcast episode here -> https://soundcloud.com/the-mindful-soul-center/minisode-mindful-living-with-charity-collier

Or watch this video to learn more about Charity, Mindful Living and the Course - The Mindful Soul Center Podcast Minisode from Thursday, April 2nd.

Four Week Mindfulness Course Starts on April 21st 2020

Course Price: $47

Rejuvenate, Connect, Relax with SUPPORT

Concise information, simple techniques. This isn't a course that you are left to do on your own. Of course, the material is easily accessible for you to read, watch and listen to at any time but there's an essential element here to help you learn and develop a practice. We have a private group and there are live group calls - there is support.

Why Meditate

Change Your Brain

Scientific data shows that a meditation practice changes your brain - for the better.

Stop Reacting Start Responding

We're human, it happens that we don't always respond to situations with awareness. A regular meditation practice can disrupt the usually negative cycle of reaction.

Develop a Practice

You'll receive MP3 meditation files to download and use on any device that you can listen to and follow on your own schedule.


In this course, you will receive support through a private group for members only, as well as q&a support through live sessions each week in the group.

meditation practice allows us to renew, refresh and restore our minds on a regular basis. It wipes away the clouds of everyday stress and reminds us that our own light can shine through regardless of the conditions around us.

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Mindful Living course materials, downloadable meditations, private community, support.

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Mindful Living with Charity Collier, MS, CDII - Four Weeks beginning April 21, 2020

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