Effortless Meditation with Bonus Gratitude Course [preorder]

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Pre-order [the] Mindful Soul Center's 21-day course Effortless Meditation an Introduction to Meditation (Nov 2019) with bonus Gratitude Course

Course dates are from the 1st through the 21st of November and receive the bonus Gratitude course which begins on the 21st of November and concludes the day before Thanksgiving in the USA.

21 Days to Effortless Meditation: We take a well-directed path to learn and practice 2 different meditation techniques with 3 different meditations over a three-week period.

Rejuvenate, Connect, Relax with SUPPORT

Less jargon & lingo, concise information, simple techniques. This isn't a course that you are left to do on your own. Of course, the material is easily accessible for you to read, watch and listen to at any time but there's an essential element here to help you learn and develop a practice. We have a private group and there are live group calls - there is support.

This isn’t your typical crunchy granola meditation class.

It's what happens in between the meditations that matter. Find and stay in your center, transcend survival mode and respond to stressors with awareness instead of adrenaline. Learn how to maintain balance and move beyond stress when you learn simple meditation techniques that you can easily fit into your busy schedule. Learning meditation and maintaining a regular practice results in better relationships, improved quality of life and a general sense of well being.

Why Meditate

Change Your Brain

Scientific data shows that a meditation practice changes your brain - for the better. In this course you'll learn about the changes that can occur and when they are likely to occur.

Stop Reacting Start Responding

We're human, it happens that we don't always respond to situations with awareness. A regular mediation practice can disrupt the usually negative cycle of reaction.

Develop a Practice

You'll receive MP3 meditation files to download and use on any device that you can listen to and follow on your own schedule.


In this course you will receive support through a private group for members only, as well as q&a support through live sessions each month in the group.


"If you want to learn how to meditate or you want to start doing it again this is the course for you! The course is beautifully constructed and Amy is a wonderful guide. I love her meditations because she has such a calm and soothing voice that allows you to go deeper in your meditation. She is also quick at responding to your questions or anything that might come up during your meditation. Amy knows a lot and she does a great job explaining everything to you in her video's. It helps you to really understand what you are doing and how it can benefit you. This is a beautiful gift to yourself!"

- Klasina L., The Netherlands

"I found this meditation course to be simple to follow and very rewarding self-care. It has helped me to relax and learn different types of meditation so I was able to find what I enjoyed most and make a commitment to it. I highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to learn or expand their meditation skills."

- Helen S., New Jersey, USA

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The Effortless Meditation Course and the Gratitude Course: course materials, group access and support.

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Effortless Meditation with Bonus Gratitude Course [preorder]

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